Welcome to Student Wellbeing

If you need urgent support or feel you are in a crisis, please contact the emergency services: 999.

If you need medical help and are not sure if you are in a crisis, please call 111 to be assessed.


Free 24/7 helpline phone line

If you need immediate emotional support at any time of day you can access the 24 hour helpline on 0800 028 3766 and use Username: wellbeing, Password: LakeMindCard1. If you have experienced a bereavement or if you are feeling low, depressed, stressed, or anxious you can call this support line. You can also call if you need financial, legal, non-urgent medical advice too! You will speak with qualified counsellors on the call, including a team specialised in the areas of bereavement, finance, law and medical care.


FAQ: Do I need Counselling or Mental Health advisory support?

Fill out the Mental Health Advice Form if you: want to access advice around your mental health/problems and discuss your options of support, if you need coping strategies to manage your mental wellbeing, if you need study-related support or adjustments due to your mental health condition.

Fill out the Counselling Form if you: want to express yourself and talk about what is affecting you, if you want to have help in resolving your diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health problems, if you want to gain an understanding and techniques on how to change how you are feeling on a deeper level.


*Student Wellbeing support is delivered in a blended way, with appointments offered online, face to face and by telephone. Support will be offered in the most appropriate way for students needs and may be a mix of online and face to face. All of our advisers and counsellors will work in the above ways without compromising on the quality of the support.*


For any other queries, please email studentwellbeing@herts.ac.uk

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